Sunday, May 1, 2011

L'Oreal Internship Update

So I received via email last week a few more updates about the internship. Its only 3 weeks before I put all my stuff in a rental car and make my way up to New York. I keep looking around my room and thinking "How can I possibly manage to haul all this stuff?" It looks like I will be throwing away quite a bit.

So here are some of the details about the internship thus far:

L'Oreal has "summer hours" which I have never heard of at other firms but I'm happy to know they will be in effect at L'Oreal. Monday-Thursday is a typical work day 8:30-5:15 but on Fridays I get out at 1:30. How awesome is that!? I can take a long lunch date with my very own future Mr. Big or take a yoga class with my roommate.

Dress Code:
In my head working in the beauty industry is a low key fashion show every day. I picture everyone in such stylish outfits and of course, extra glamorous makeup daily. Here is the official dress code statement...
"The dress code at L’Oreal is smart business casual.  Sandals are okay; however, no flip-flops.  Fridays are casual and include tasteful jeans."

For some reason when I was recalling this in my head I exchanged "smart" for chic and "tasteful" for fashionable. Well snap to that because I will be rolling into the office decked out in my best business casual. 

Both of these are my idea of they type of outfit that would be appropriate at L'Oreal. 

I'm off to Drag Queen brunch at this place in DC called Nellie's. Its a gay sports bar and I'm super excited because we all know drag queens have the BEST makeup haha. Check them out here


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