Saturday, April 30, 2011

Nails, Finals, and Besties

If I have not posted about this color before I am doing it now. This is my favorite nail polish and has been since I picked it up in February at the Taste of L'Oreal. Readers... let me introduce you to Essie's Ballet Slippers. 
There is something to be said about a color that can take you from day to night so flawlessly. This is the french manicure of nail color; appropriate for every occasion. 

This color is just SO flattering. Not only is it the softest shade of pale pink but it also is incredibly neutral. It makes my pale skin look tanner while still being sophisticated and lady like. Not to mention it goes with everything. 

Today is a very dark reminder of a not so awesome thing that happened one year ago. So instead of being sad and remembering everything that was taken away, tonight I celebrate those that were there for me. This is a special post for Amoni. She was by far the biggest help when I was a hot mess and I love her for it. This picture was taken in the summer of 2009 between Freshman and Sophomore year. Thanks for being a very special brand of glue that was able to pull me back together.


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