Saturday, April 30, 2011

Nails, Finals, and Besties

If I have not posted about this color before I am doing it now. This is my favorite nail polish and has been since I picked it up in February at the Taste of L'Oreal. Readers... let me introduce you to Essie's Ballet Slippers. 
There is something to be said about a color that can take you from day to night so flawlessly. This is the french manicure of nail color; appropriate for every occasion. 

This color is just SO flattering. Not only is it the softest shade of pale pink but it also is incredibly neutral. It makes my pale skin look tanner while still being sophisticated and lady like. Not to mention it goes with everything. 

Today is a very dark reminder of a not so awesome thing that happened one year ago. So instead of being sad and remembering everything that was taken away, tonight I celebrate those that were there for me. This is a special post for Amoni. She was by far the biggest help when I was a hot mess and I love her for it. This picture was taken in the summer of 2009 between Freshman and Sophomore year. Thanks for being a very special brand of glue that was able to pull me back together.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

MAC Fashion Flower Launch Online Today (In Store Tomorrow)

I'm trying to save money for New York so I decided not to get anything from the Fashion Flower collection from MAC but lets do some hypothetical shopping together shall we?! This is my wish list for the products of Fashion Flower. If you are looking for a super detailed review with swatches, head over to Temptalia's blog

So lets get started! The collection includes 6 eye shadows and of those I had my eye on Lucky Green
MAC Lucky Green Eyeshadow
The collection comes with a black mascara and a pen ultimate liquid liner but I would easily pass on both of those. I have never been impressed with MAC mascaras.
Of the 4 lipsticks that came out with Fashion Flower, I would pick up 3...  starting with the nude (can you at least pretend to be surprised please!)
MAC Growing Trend Lipstick

MAC Growing Trend Lipstick
The next color I would choose is the peppy coral called Ever Hip
MAC Ever Hip Lipstick

MAC Ever Hip Lipstick
The last lipstick I'm craving is called Mlle and I'm up in the air on this. Its such a weird looking color that it keeps me interested... Its a sibling of the other pepto-bismol pinks that I love so much. Check it out.
MAC Mlle Lipstick

MAC Mlle Lipstick
Finally, I would skip right over the lip glosses and head for the beauty powders. I might have to break down and actually pick these up on my way back from work Friday but I want to compare them to things I already have in my collection before I make that $25 commitment.
MAC Light Sunshine Beauty Powder

MAC Alpha Girl Beauty Powder
So I hope you liked my picks for the MAC Fashion Flower Collection. All pictures are property of 


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

For Audrey by China Glaze

My nail polish came in the mail this morning! I have been waiting for this color for a week since I ordered it on
Comparing the picture to my actual nails... the picture is looking more blue than the actual color. It could be because I took this picture with my iPhone and not a real camera so I apologize. Its more teal than this. 
I also noticed you need to paint two coats to eliminate streakiness but the formula itself is glossy without a top coat. 
You can find For Audrey, The Perfect Tiffany's Blue, at or for $5.99

Monday, April 25, 2011

Duo Lash Glue and Individual Lashes

After I recorded the haul video I wanted to test out how well the Duo eyelash adhesive worked on individual lashes. I have to say, it works quite well. I applied them in the outer corners and bottom corner. I then applied mascara to both the false and the natural lashes to help blend them together. I am really liking this look and I foresee myself using it every day.

The downside is that I loose some of the lashes throughout the day and during removal so I will need to have a backup stash down the road. Definitely remove with an eye makeup remover and peal off any remaining glue before putting them back in their case for storage. I'm feeling a little Audrey at the moment with these big eyes lol.... Speaking of which.... I can't wait to get "for Audrey" nail polish in the mail this week, The color is exactly Tiffany Blue.
This isn't my hand but look at that color! I love it. I think my new nail staple will be For Audrey on the toes and ballet slippers on my fingers. How much girliness can one handle?!


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Basket Haul: MAC Myth, Sheen Supreme Lipstick, Dior Lip balm, Duo...

If you want to see the products in action here is the video otherwise the blog post is below!

Easter Basket Haul: MAC Lipstick, Duo Lash Glue, Dior Lip Balm

Happy Easter! 
I'm so excited that Lent is finally over. I can't wait to show you all the goodies that I picked up as the products that I was looking forward to getting so badly... so lets get started!

1. Duo Eyelash Adhesive in Dark Tone ($8.00)
I have heard really great things about the Duo lash glue forever and I thought I would invest in some. It comes in both clear and dark tone. To be honest I thought I was picking up the clear but this is fine too. Its not too dark, more of an ash gray. I think this is nice because it blends in nicely with your natural lashes or eyeliner. I used it today with individual false lashes and it works well. 

2. Duralash Combo Pack Individual Lashes ($11.00 for kit)
This is my first pack of individuals (clearly some are missing). I have to say these are much easier to apply the strip lashes and they look so nice. I would recommend picking up a back if you want a natural everyday glam look. Is that an oxymoron? Here is how they look on me.
I have them on just on the outer corners starting about half way and then I used like 3 of the smallest short individuals on the lower lash line. I think these will work really well if you naturally have nice lashes and want to give yours a little extra. I will be wearing these I'm sure as part of my every day routine. 

3. Sonia Kashuk Eye Makeup Remover ($9.99)
I had heard good things about this product as well and since I ran out of my staple Lancome oil makeup remover I thought I would give this a shot. I have only used it twice so far but I'm not in love with it. To me it has a meat smell which is sort of annoying for me because I'm a vegan and I keep thinking my fingers smell like lunch meat when I'm done. That could just be me though. Also I do not think it works as well as the Lancome product. I would pass on this one. 

4. Dior Creme de Rose Lip Balm ($23.00)

This is a splurge of a lip balm but after trying on so many different lipsticks in search of the perfect nude (products 5&6) my lips were in need of some tender love and care. The Dior saleswoman gave me this balm and I was sold. Its infused with rose (which is my middle name) so it smells like roses and is pink (the picture makes it look peachy but its really a very true baby pink). I can not speak the claim that it plumps your lips as I did not notice a difference but there is definitely no tingle or burning sensation with this plumper. Think of this as an upscale Carmex.
The only downside is that I think this packaging is pretty cheep looking. Come on... its DIOR! I expect a metal case at least. Dior, you can do better. 

5. MAC Lipstick in Myth ($14.50)

Its no secret. I've been obsessed with nudes since I found Innocence Beware and since then I have been searching for a replacement when mine runs out. Each application is bitter sweet. 
Myth is the lightest nude in the MAC permanent range and I've had my eye on it for a while. Its a satin finish but it is on the matte side of satin. It looks best with just a touch of gloss on top. 

6. MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick in Supremely Confident ($14.50)
This is probably the closes thing I can find to replacing Innocence Beware. It has the same texture and as the name would suggest, ample shine. It is less pink than Innocence Beware and a little lighter. It truly is one of those erase your lip colors. I usually put foundation on my lips before color to keep it as true as possible but when I tried it on I was bare lipped and you could see some of the color of my lip showing through giving it a little more warmth which I think would be beneficial to most wearers. 

So what did everyone else get in their Easter Basket?!
I hope you had a wonderful holiday and end to the spring as we start to usher in the summer. 
Kelsey Rose

Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day: Companies that are Helping You Save Some GREEN!

Happy Earth Day! 
If you have not given up buying makeup for Lent like me, you might want to take advantage of the special GREEN offers these brands are promoting in honor of Earth Day. And if you are giving up makeup, head over to Starbucks with a reusable mug and get a free cup of brewed coffee or tea. I know I will be getting a passion tea around lunch time!

Zoya Nail Polish is repromoting their nail polish exchange. Here is how it works:
  1. Go to and pick out the polishes you would like and add them to your cart. You must select at least 6 bottles  and no more than 24 bottles of polish (Salons accounts minimum 12 maximum 48 bottles.) 
  2. Apply the code. EARTHZOYA  
  3. Your order value will be adjusted to reflect the promotion  
  4. SUBMIT your order!
Then Zoya will ship out your NEW polish! YEA!
Once you get your order (Here is where the exchanging* happens)…
  1. Ship back the equivalent number of bottles to the ones you received to the return address below.(ie. If  you got 6 bottles of Zoya – you would send us 6 NON-ZOYA polishes)
  2. Include a copy of your order
    •  Shipping Address
      Art of Beauty, Inc.
      c/o Polish Exchange
      5060 Taylor Rd, Unit D
      Cleveland, Ohio, 44128, USA 
The bottles you send in cannot be Zoya, Qtica or Nocti polishes (but they can be any other brand).

If nail polish isn't your thing but makeup is then you might be interested in what Tart is offering

Tart customer recycling incentive program

Send us your empty clean slate primer and/or smooth operator SPF 20 foundation and we'll give you 15% off of your next complexion purchase (products include: clean slate, smooth operator, pressed powder, mineral powder bronzer)
Send your empty slide tin lip balm with SPF 15 and tarte will give you 15% off of any lip product purchase.
Send us your empty cheek stain and receive 15% off of your next cheek stain purchase.

contact for more information.

As always, Back to MAC allows you to trade in 6 used up products for a lipstick.

Lush allows you to trade in 5 of their black containers for a free face mask. See my post about my favorite, Brazon Honey Here.

I'll be back in full force after Lent with more hauls and reviews.
Until then... Walk, take a bus, or drive a connect by hertz car sharing vehicle to do your part to help save the environment today.(that's my plug for my current internship! I'll be leaving in 3 weeks for L'Oreal and I'm getting a little sad about it)

Rock and Republic on Tuesday

If you havn't gotten your hands on any of the Rock and Republic blushes yet, Tuesday is another chance. R&R will be on Tuesday April 26, 2011 starting at 11:00 AM EST. Why is the time so important? Because these blushes GO! They really sell out within minutes. When I was lucky enough to snatch up Immoral blush (See Right) I had to keep refreshing the page until I saw it for a split second off "hold". Even then it was shipped later than the other products I purchased because of high demand. The moral of the story is if you get a chance to buy Rock and Republic blush on Tuesday... Do it!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dreaming of Makeup Lent Wish List

Lent is ALMOST over (it ends this weekend) and I can't wait to break the makeup fast and buy up some of the products I've been dreaming about.
Let me tell you that I think I missed the boat with the MAC Quite Cute collection. The two lipsticks I really wanted are ALL sold out. I called all over DC to find if they were still in stock and its not looking good. If I can find it, or if its in stock online, I am about to snatch up Candy Yum Yum and Playing Koi lipsticks.
Playing Koi is the peachy color on the far left and Candy Yum Yum is the HOT pink right in the middle.

So I hope hope hope that they are in stock when I go out on Saturday to find them. Happy Easter to me! And to you!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

No Makeup Today

Sometimes it feels great to go naked... On your face at least!
I like to give my skin a break from the chemicals and pigments I layer on day after day. So today is one of those days. I took a nice long (LOOOOONG) shower and now my face is all nice and clear.

So really thats it... Nothing else to post..
Enjoy your no makeup day today!


Thursday, April 14, 2011

MAC Magically Cool Liquid Powder

Have you guys heard the news!? The MAC Magically Cool Liquid Powder is finally becoming permanent and the launch date is May 5, 2011.
If you haven't heard what this powder is or why its so hyped up let me tell you.... This powder is literally infused with 50% water so when you put it on if feels wet. Its the strangest thing.

Magically Cool Liquid Powder ($29.50 U.S. / $35.50 CDN)

  • Truth and Light Sheer shimmer that reflects silver and pink
  • Cajun Sheer bronze shimmer that reflects gold
  • Honey Rose Sheer rosy beige with multi-dimensional shimmer

Now lets get one thing straight... it is clearly a rip off of the prescriptive's Magic powder that they used to have back in the day before they were discontinued. But at the same time, I'm glad that a little part of the company was able to live on.

If you remember back to the Venomous Villains collection last fall you may remember that this powder launched already for limited release.

My overall opinion of this formula is that you have to apply it carefully because it can pill or ball up if you apply to much and look chunky (GROSS!). Also the VV powder had some glitter in it so it didn't work well as a setting powder or a contour color. It was more to add some color to your cheeks but that kind of is not the point of a loose powder so I didn't really like that. Lets hope that the new editions will be glitter free! 


Promo images and pricing property of

Monday, April 11, 2011

Maybelline or L'Oreal Paris

Which brand would you rather work for? I was asked by the talent director which brand I would most like to work for this summer during my internship and I have to say its a tough call. I know I want to work with cosmetics so either way I'm happy but by choosing Maybelline over L'Oreal Paris, I will be making connections with the key people that could offer me a job down the line due to the fact that Maybelline is actually based in New York.

On the other hand... I prefer to work with the products produced by L'Oreal Paris. I would probably give more effort when it is a product I am dedicated to and passionate about. Also, there is a better opportunity that I could work in Paris down the line. Its a tough call...

Here are my favorite L'Oreal Paris products that I would love to work with...
Bare Naturale Lip Conditioner

HIP Eyeshadows
True Match Foundation
Then again Maybelline is the official makeup sponsor of fashion week so I could end up helping with that! (Although that does not take place in the summer)
So many options to choose from!?! Help!? Leave a comment with your suggestion as to what brand to work for. PLEASE!


Sunday, April 10, 2011

L'Oreal Brandstorm 2011 National Finals

This Friday was the L'Oreal Brandstorm Finals which I have been working towards for months! Look at how good the team looks. We all had these edgy black dresses with a flower in our hair. 

I must say that although we did not walk away first place winners, we did come in second beating out some really impressive schools. Shout out to NYU with their ipad application (fully functioning!) and BYU for taking home 1st and representing USA in the international finals this June. 

Dr. Meyers, the Howard advisor, helped us night and day to perfect the presentation and I have to say, if there were an aware for best support system, she would have received it for sure. 
This is us all mic-ed up waiting to go on stage. Our dresses were so tight the sound guy couldn't find a place to put our battery packs lol. So much nervous and exciting energy!
We came out clapping and getting the audience hyped up. I really was tapping into my Cheerleading days for this. 

You can kind of see the judges in this one. They are the 4 people in the front row. (only two are pictured here). The judges were all very senior executives and business owners from L'Oreal and an elite salon in the city.
We each had our turn to speak to the part of the presentation. This is me getting into the salon experience. You can see the board behind me with our virtual mock up. There was a projector and powerpoint over to the right. 
Finally, the judges asked us questions and we were all smiles (so much so that our faces hurt!) as we answered each question to a T. 

Although we did not win, at the end of the day two really great things came out of this experience. First, I landed myself an amazing internship with L'Oreal in their consumer products division and was able to put in preference for Maybelline or L'Oreal Paris which are both extremely well known and competitive cosmetic/makeup brands. Second, we secured another year of recruitment at Howard University. Hopefully, next year HU will take home first place and represent the US in Paris. 

And as for me! I'm the real winner because I am doing what I love and can't wait to start at L'Oreal May 23, 2011!