Thursday, May 26, 2011

MAC Surf Baby Haul/Review

Today the MAC Surf Baby collection launched in stores and I picked up just a few of the products that I couldn't live without. Now I have to admit... when you work around makeup all day, you get less excited about building your collection. So it was easier for me to turn down some of the items I felt I could find within the Maybelline line. These products however were quite unique so they ended up coming home with me!

I really hate the packaging of this collection. It is supposed to look like a surf board but buts just tacky to me. I think its the logo that is the worst. The white is not so bad. If you look closely, it has a gold pearl in the plastic! Oh the things you start to notice when you work with cosmetics.

The lipsticks I purchased were Naturally Electric (Left) and Hibiscus (Right). The nude color is not very opaque so the pink of your lips comes through and it looks very nice. I would still recommend using a nude-pink liner with it. The Hibiscus is also not as opaque as I thought it would be. The color can be built up with a couple of passes. 

This is what MAC is calling a "cheek powder" so a cross between a beauty powder and a blush? The nice thing is that its the size of a beauty powder with the pigment of a blush. It does cost as much as a beauty powder though. The color is a beautiful burnt coral with a gold shimmer. The flower is only on the top layer however so eventually it will go away. I plan on using it from the top down to make the shimmer last as long as possible. 

Finally, here are swatches! Hibiscus is on the top left, below that is Naturally Electric although it is pretty hard to see. Next to the lipsticks on the right is a swatch of My Paradise cheek powder with some of gold. 

These are my favorite products from the collection but the whole line is filled with bronzers and other bright tropical colors and textures. Check them all out at

FYI some stores do not have the cheek powder in stock yet so keep an eye out as it will be coming soon.


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