Monday, May 9, 2011

Chanel Summer 2011 Collection

I am in love with the new summer collection from Chanel. In fact, I changed my wallpaper on my laptop to this promo picture because it was SO beautiful. I love the softness and femininity in this collection yet the warm bronzers and corals are so classically summer. 

The full range included two bronzing powders, two lipsticks, three lip glosses, three nail polishes, an eye shadow duo, and an eye shadow quad.   You can see the full collection and the color palette in this picture.

Although I am a big fan of everything that launched with this collection it is a bit on the pricy side... Come on ... its CHANEL of course I can't afford to buy it all but I was sold when I saw the way the gloss dazzles and the beautiful coral of one of the lipsticks.

I ended up purchasing the coral shade of lipstick called Sari Dore which is the Rouge Coco formula. I have been wearing it for a couple of days now and my review of the product is that it does not wear for an extended period. You will have to keep it with you for touch ups throughout the day. It did not make it through eating for sure.

Interestingly enough, the lipgloss (glossimer) lasted for hours! In fact, I fell asleep with it on last Friday night and when I woke up it was still on. I have never had a lip gloss that preformed that well. In addition, the gloss is not very tacky but instead reminds me of a thick balm. 
I purchased the shade 287 which is the pinkest of the colors that came out with the collection. I liked it because it was very easy to wear not only with the lipstick but also on its own and over other products. 

Lipstick 76 Sari Dore, Glossimer 287, Glossimer over lipstick

Glossimer 287 (alone over concealed mouth) 

Lipstick 76 Sari Dore

76 Sari Dore & 287

Overall the Chanel products are defiantly on the more expensive side but the glossimer was totally worth the $29 it cost. I purchased mine at Macy's but you can also purchase it on the chanel website I hope you get a chance to play around with it if you don't end up getting any. Its always nice to fell a little luxurious now and then. 

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