Friday, December 24, 2010

The Wait is Over!

And I'm IN!
I am overjoyed to announce on this little blog with only three followers that I will be attending the Taste of L'Oreal Weekend in February. I received the email below yesterday.
Starting this blog I wanted to document my journey into the beauty industry and I've posted a few things here and there about interviewing for a couple different companies but this is sort of like the BIGGEST thing that has happened in that pursuit. Although I have not officially been selected for a summer internship, I feel good because in all honestly, I didn't have to interview to attend this event. Because I won the Howard level of the Brandstorm competition I was guaranteed a spot however, I applied anyway because at the time my team did not know if we would be representing Howard at nationals. It just feels really good to be able to go on merit and not on a technicality.  

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Waiting for L'Oreal is HARD!

This is a blog about my journey into the beauty industry and I must say I have not really talked about that too much. So this post is an update and the type of post I should be writing anyways. 

I interviewed with L'Oreal last week for the Taste of L'Oreal weekend last Friday. The anticipation about if I am selected to attend is driving me nuts! Its very hard to wait for something you want so badly. I registered online in November and over 1000 juniors did the same. I was selected for a phone interview out of the 1000 (although I am not sure how many others were being interviewed). They said that the decision would be discussed Monday so hopefully I will hear back early this week... but early this week is turning into the middle of the week. Patience is a virtue I clearly lack. 

I will update the moment I find out!

On an unrelated note. I found out my grades today and yippee (!) all As (except for that frustrating B in Quantitative Business Analysis, but who really could do well in such a boring class) giving me a 3.81 GPA. Congrats to me, I worked hard for it. 

Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Gift Guide 2010

My dad claims that each year it gets harder and harder to shop for me and my sister. I sincerely beg to differ because it does not take much to make me happy when it comes to presents! I told my dad to go to Sephora and have a sales person help to pick out one of the many gift sets available this time of year. 15 minutes later I get a panicky call saying he is overwhelmed and to please come immediately!

When I reached him he was surrounded by 2 laughing moms and the only male sales assistant in the store. It was quite funny I must admit. What we ended up doing was take a tour around the store of the different holiday sets each brand offered. From there he chose the ones he liked the best from the ones I liked. We ended up with three gift sets that I think are the best values. So if you are still doing some last minute Christmas shopping... consider these. 

Tarte: The Jewelry Box available HERE 
This set retails for $52 but you get 32 FULL SIZED shadows, 8 lip colors, 5 eye liners and 2 face powders.Extra bonus: it comes with a gold tone chain necklaces that can be taken off the top and worn.  

Tarina Tarantino Jewel Box available HERE
I love this one because not only is it an incredible value at $39 but it also comes with beautiful colors and the makeup section can be removed and its a wonderful functional jewelry box! 

Urban Decay 24/7 Jackpot available HERE
Zero is my go to black eye liner because it is so smooth and super pigmented. This collection comes with a full-sized Zero (black) and 9 minis in various colors. At $39, it may not be a value set however it IS a great way to try out several colors before committing to a full-sized ($17).