Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cover Girl Intense Shadow Blast Review

At L'Oreal, whenever a new product hits the market it almost instantly appears in the office as if by magic. Today I walk in and all lined up and ready to play with were the 6 new shades of Cover Girl's Intense Shadow Blast eyeshadows.
The idea behind these is that they combine rich color with a built in primer and it applies in a liquid/cream form with a super absorbent sponge tip wand. 

The first thing that I noticed about this product is that the shade range is really small. Additionally, I find the colors they chose strange. How often do you really wear pink on your eye lids? The range is also missing key color staples like plums and minks. 

With Flash
From Left to Right: Beige Blaze, Brown Bling, Blue Bomb 
I swatched  three of the colors here to test for texture, color pay off and longevity. 
Without Flash
You can see with the blue I tried to blend it out but it dries really quickly. The beige color comes off very streaky and the brown is very dramatic and intense (my favorite of the group). 

PRO: This product lasted FOREVER! In fact, I had a hard time getting it off my hand. I can imagine it being annoying to remove (con). This product also did not crease when applied to the eyes. Decent price at $7.99
CON: Shade range sucks, applicator applies too much product, hard to blend.
OVERALL RECOMMENDATION: Skip Cover Girl's new Intense Shadow Blast and head on over to sephora to pick up the urban decay cream shadows. Similar idea, better product.


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