Friday, May 13, 2011

Congratulations to the Graduates of 2011!

I don't know what could be more appropriate to blog about today than wishing the Beautiful ladies of the class of 2011 good luck in life and congratulations on completing your education at Howard University. I know you all will have successful careers in business and will be the future billionaires of America... Remember me when you get to the top!

I think I'm going to borrow a posting topic that one of my favorite beauty blogger does every Monday called her Monday Poll. Mine is going to be on Friday's though because I have half days on Friday and I'll have more fun things to post about than if I were to post on Monday's I'm sure... I'm going to use her poll this time around and we'll see how it evolves in the coming weeks.

  1. Mood:
  2. Impatient. I keep looking at the clock willing it to move ahead three hours to 6:00 when I will be done with the day and I can head on over to the airport. I feel like car shopping today... in the Hertz parking lot! I'm picking up a car to help move my stuff this weekend and I'm seeing how big of a car I can get for $25... I would love a flashy sports car!
  3. One great thing about getting older?
  4. Your finally old enough to go to the bars/clubs! 
  5. What color do you use most in your eye makeup and why?
  6. Champaign by LORAC. It is my go to highlighter and I use it every day under the eyebrows and in the inner corner of my eyes. The look may change, but the champaign life is here to stay!
  7. What’s one thing your mom was right about?
  8. Eat those vegetables! Its funny how back when I was younger I would eat them last but now I'm vegan and always make sure there are lots of veggies in the house. Give me some of that broccoli! 
  9. What’s your favorite book series?
  10. The adventurous Dan Brown novels. The latest book, The Lost Symbol, takes place in my own backyard DC!
  11. Your last sweet treat?
  12. I just finished a pack of fruit mentos after lunch. 
  13. Do you collect anything?
  14. Is it that obvious? Makeup... but other than that I have a really hard time getting rid of undergarments. I love walking out of Victoria Secret with a new bra in hand. 
  15. Seersucker clothing — yea or nay?
  16. Whats this again? lol
  17. Your go-to eye cream?
  18. I need to find a really good one because I'm getting older and my twenties will be gone before I know it and the wrinkles will start to set in. Any suggestions? 
  19. Weekly goals:
  20. Get all of my stuff in the storage locker and check out of the dorm on time. Alternative goal... not to die on the road when I drive back from the airport tonight. I'm not the best driver. Lets face it. I may be the worst! 
I have a video filmed and ready to be edited and posted this weekend! 
Kelsey Kreamer

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