Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Rapunzel, Rapunzel Lets Cut Your Hair!

Psych! Ya Right! Although I will be getting my hair cut this Friday, it will not in any way be cut shorter than it is now. I've been trying to grow it out for the past year and every time I try to go to the salon to get a trim they end up cutting off way too much. But this story is not unusual to any of you I am sure.

One of my style icons has always been the Kardashian sisters (as a unit). I love their glamor, their business-mindedness and of course that flowing Kardashian hair. When ever I wear my extensions I always say Kelsey Kardashian is in the building.  
These are my inspiration photos for what I dream my hair will look like once the stylist is done. I know my hair isn't quite their length yet but its getting there and I want a style that screams KK from the top of its little hair follicle lungs.

So I currently have an appointment at the Aveda Institute in Chinatown (DC) where a student gets behind the scissors and for a really great price, works her magic (potentially). But I can't stop thinking that my hair is in the hands of a newbie that may not have a clue to what they are doing. Do I trust my locks to their inexperienced hands or do I spend an extra $100 and take my butt to one of the nicest salons in DC to get a very professional hair cut? Oh the decisions....

If you want to get your hair cut at the Aveda Institute-Really I wouldn't send to to a place that is a mess- the number is 202-824-1624. They have instructors who are seasoned professionals watching them at all times and if you are not satisfied not only do you get your money back, you also get the instructor to fix it. The quality is there because they use the Aveda range of products and it only costs $20. Just make sure you set aside 2 hours because they do take longer than the traditional salon.

I think I will make an appointment at both and then if the student at Aveda messes up so terribly that I need to get it fixed, then I can have a back up waiting for me. I'm thinking the Andre Chreky Salon on K Street.

I'll post pictures Friday of the results. Until then... adios from your scraggly haired friend

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