Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Trend Alert: Matching Makeup

Perhaps you have noticed this trend popping up all over magazines, your classrooms, or on television lately. Trust me, it will be all over the runways during fashion week coming up in September. What is it?

Matching Makeup
Nails + Lips

Now nails and lips are not the only combination being seen. An even bigger trend is eye shadow matching lips or blush matching eyes. 

If you think about it, this trend can be quite the money saver. Many products can be used in multiple ways even if it is labeled "blush" who says you can not use that powder on your eyes? Take it one step further... you can mix a clear gloss (or even some petroleum jelly) with a loose pigment or crushed eye shadow to create a matching lipgloss. 

In this photo I'm matching my favorite red lipstick Revlon's Certainly Red and the only red nail polish I currently have Revlon's Candied Cherry 46

Want to read more about this trend? Check out one of my favorite bloggers Lisa Eldridge and her take on this trend

Let me know if you try this trend out in the comments!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Macy's New Hire!

Last I checked in with you I was sitting in my new dorm room applying for jobs. Fast forward a week and I'm still in my new dorm room but I have been hired by Macy's department store. I am actually very excited about this because it will allow me to get a 360 degree view of luxury cosmetics from product development and marketing strategy (this past internship) to the final customer interaction and point of purchase experience. 

Starting Friday (I know so soon!) I will be working at the Carol's Daughter counter which specializes in hair care and body products. 
I know, I know... Where is the makeup right?

Not to worry my friends! At this Macy's Carol's Daughter shares the floor with Bobbi Brown so I get to be trained and help with both but officially I will be working for Carol's Daughter.
Not at all sure what to expect but I do know that for 15 hours a week, I'll be there helping ladies of DC get beautiful hair, skin and face!


Friday, August 19, 2011

Back to College (for the Last Time!)

So I made it back on campus to start my senior year.


So what have I been up to since my last post?

I have spent a ton of time moving into the dorm and getting the ground work in place for this year's American Marketing Association calendar. We met with the freshman and it was so exciting to see how enthusiastic they were about coming to Howard to see them pick my brain about working in the beauty industry. Its crazy how it is coming more and more full circle.

Right now my next move is to finally get all of my stuff from storage (including all of my makeup!) and then to apply for jobs like crazy! This morning I applied for a part time position at Macy's in cosmetics. Now I've gotten rejected from them once before but I'm hoping my experience at L'Oreal will help and also my increased availability. Who knows... Nordstrums might also be the move but it is is farther away so the commute would be annoying.

What sounds so silly but I can not wait for is it have all of my kitchen stuff back! I can not wait to chop my own veggies and grill some tofu scramble!

I miss New York already though. I won't hear back about a full time offer until September but if it is not in the cards for me (as the fortune teller said it wasn't) then I'll move another company that is the right fit. either way... I'll make it in the industry!

From my very disorganized room,
XOXO Kelsey

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Summer at L'Oreal Winding Down

It has been an intense summer and as I reread my last blog post (July 4th!) I realize I have been neglecting my duty as a "writer" to keep this blog up to date with the events of the summer. So in a nutshell...
  • Presentation on the 2011 Expert Wear restage went well
  • Its the last full day of working with Maybelline
  • Interview set up with luxury products division
  • Waiting to hear back regarding a full-time offer
This experience has taught me so much on presentation and independence. At L'Oreal, everyone is extremely busy so often times there is no one to tell you what to do and how to complete a task therefore you have to be self sufficient and figure out on your own. Some things I have figured out this summer:
  • How to pull IRI database queries
  • The intense creativity needed to generate shade names
  • How to create a product board when you have no money to buy products!
This is definitely the industry I want to be in so now it is just a matter of figuring out where I fit into the equation. I promise to keep you updated.