Monday, May 23, 2011

First Day at L'Oreal

Today was my first day at my internship with L'Oreal! It started early at 7:45 AM when I arrived way to early to the conference room where all the interns met each other and we went over the ground rules before getting out ID cards. I felt like a kid at After-school day care again when one by one the other interns were picked up by their managers. I was second to last to meet mine and she is a gem! I actually remember meeting her during the Taste of L'Oreal and she had on a ton of different nail polishes that she was testing on her fingers.

I feel like I did so much today learning some of the basics of the brand and what my summer project will be. This summer I will be working on a project about a competitive analysis of eye shadows in the mass market (grocery stores, pharmacies, and mega marts like Target and Wal-Mart). On Thursday I get to go around the city and take pictures of the make up competition at different stores.

I also got to sit in on a couple meetings. The first one approved a print ad that will run in a few months. The second meeting reviewed the status of the new product launches that are in the works. It was really cool to see the mock ups of what could potentially be the packaging that will be in stores!

I finished up by taking a ton of papers back to my desk that talk about the details of how to analyze the market.

Tomorrow is another busy day. I'm at my friend Lydia's apartment in Brooklyn catching up and spending the afternoon with a great friend. I will keep updating all week with more goodies!


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