Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Launching Kelsey at Maybelline

Today was my second day at my internship with L'Oreal. Here is a picture of me that my friend Chris took (he sits right next to me). All of the interns are in an area called the "Pen"which is really just part of the cafeteria that they sectioned off and set up full desks complete with computer, phone with our extensions, and a file cabinet. 

Today I worked on putting together slides of all the shadow and liner products in the Maybelline range. I also went to meetings where I heard from the development team of new products. SHHHHH!!! Tops Secret! Can't give any hints but its a whole lot of work to launch a product. 

After work Chris and I went to Sacks 5th Ave where we visited all 10 floors and ended 2 hours later in the hat department where I tried on this HUGE hat. 

I feel like I should be going to a polo gam with this hat on. I love it so much but it has a but price tag $475 to go along with its big brim so it won't be coming home with me.
I will be sure to update you again soon with some of the new excitement from the city!

Kelsey (the College Cosmetic!)

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