Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ole! Cinco de Mayo-Mexican Style Icons

Happy Cinco de Mayo and in honor of the Mexican independence day I thought I would share two of my Mexican style and beauty icons. I myself am part spanish so I look to these ladies for ways to play up my more hispanic features like my dark hair and dark eyes. 

Eva Longoria is one of my style icons and has been since Desperate Housewives. In fact, it was her makeup that I sought when I stumbled upon my first YouTube video from Kandee Johnson (my favorite guru and the artist that I model my videos after).

One makeup trick I learned that Eva does is contour the space between the inner eyebrow and the nose. The traditional way of shading the eye has the darkest color on the outer corner and a wash of color along the lid. Eva has wide set eyes so she always shades the inner third of the eye of make them appear closer together and more sultry.

I am also a big fan of her hair. When I googled her to try to find a couple pictures for this blog post there were so many different styles. I love that she experiments with her style and is not afraid to laugh at herself. In my head we are secret friends haha.

My second style icon is Katy Jurado. She was also a stunning beauty that I admire for her glamour and a regular in old Hollywood Westerns. She was the first Latina to be nominated for an academy award in 1954.

Katy totally embodied old Hollywood glamour and I love that her lashes were up to the sky and her brows were so perfectly painted on. She also had a nose that I feel like so many young people today run off to the plastic surgeon asking for. She really was gorgeous...

So if you are going out tonight use these ladies as inspiration for big bold glam. See you at Alero's for Happy Hour!


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