Thursday, May 12, 2011

Last Days with Connect by Hertz & Urban Decay Summer of Love Nail Polish

Good morning! Tomorrow is my last day as an intern at Connect by Hertz. Its going to be so sad to leave because at Hertz, my manager takes exceptional interest in my professional development and has provided countless opportunities for me to practice marketing research, social media campaigns, graphic design, and so many many more skills that you learn about in the class room but very rarely at my age get to put into practice.  So shout out to everyone on the Connect team because you all are awesome!
Like my nail polish? It reminds me of pennies! I have been really into nail polishes lately because I think when I wear it, it helps me to grow my nails out. Its like I'm more gentile with my hands because I don't want to polish to chip and it ends up keeping my nails safer.
Here I go stealing more pictures from other bloggers but they had a much better picture of it than I did with my webcam. Its an Urban Decay shade that came out with their Summer of Love collection last year. The bottles are so tiny and I'm not really sure just how many wears you can get out of it but the set came with beautiful colors. I especially love the coral one on the far end.
I did notice they take a while to dry though. As long as I can lay down with my arms way way out to the sides not touching a thing (which is easy these days with everything in boxes) the nails come out fine. 

And now its time for these copper/gold digits to keep a typing... work though not bloggy things...


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