Saturday, May 7, 2011

New Kim K Hair Cut

Drum roll please... and here (above) are the results of my new hair cut inspired by Kim Kardashian that I got yesterday. 
I went to the Aveda institute in Chinatown (DC) and it only cost me $18 to have the beauty student create this masterpiece. I must admit when she started cutting off 5 inches which is how much she ended up taking off the top layer, I got scared. She had her instructor come over and check it a couple times and the instructor showed her how to "over direct" the hair to preserve the length. I think I only ended up loosing 1/2 an inch from the bottom. 
This hair is so playful and I love how it falls both parted to the side and in the middle. I used the cover of the Kardashian Konfidential as my inspiration and the photo my stylist went off of when finalizing the cut. My advice if you decide you want to to the any of the Aveda institutes to get a Kim K hair cut is to book a cut and round brush set which allows for more time during styling. When I left the salon my hair was just blown out straight but I would have liked to see more dimension which is why I didn't post the results until today so I would have time to play and style it the way I wanted it.

With the money that I saved from not going to get the hair cut fixed at the expensive salon I treated myself to some Chanel makeup but that is a post for tomorrow. (I'm wearing my purchases!!) 

I'm still not done packing up my life but I finished the clothes today. Hooray! So let me get back to all things Packing... you can see it in the background of this picture here. That massive gray bin is just the clothes I plan on storing over the summer not including the 3 garbage bags full of clothing I donated. 

Keep your eyes posted for tomorrow video post!

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