Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Things We Are Afraid Of

I feel like everyone knows someone who is afraid of something BIG like heights, or snakes (like my dad is) or creepy bugs. These are all legitimately gross and scary but sometimes I find myself being afraid of the smaller things. 

A couple of Saturdays ago I had dinner with a friend and afterwards I felt like seeing a "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" but my friend had to work. The movie theater was right there and a movie I wanted to see was about to start but for some reason I felt really embarrassed to be going to the movie alone. I was literally afraid to go see a movie by myself. I even pretend I was meeting someone by saving the seat next to me and texting during the previews. Of course no one in the theater was paying any attention to if I was there with someone or alone... it was all in my head... but knowing that didn't help at that moment. 

I really think life has a way of letting you know when you make the right decision (or the wrong one for that matter) because at the end of the movie, the movie theater gave us all free movie passes due to some disruptive customers that started a fight at the beginning of the movie. I just felt like it was fate's way of rewarding me for stepping outside of my comfort zone and doing something I was afraid of. 

I pass along the challenge to you today. Is there something small that your afraid of that is holding you back? Today is the perfect day to take a risk. Muster up an ounce of courage today, it might be all you need to concur a fear. 


Monday, January 9, 2012

Combat Chapped Lips

Winter always seem to do a number on my lips. With all of the wind and cold weather, they end up chapped or pealing. Luckily I have found a 1-2 punch that helps to get rid of dry patches and keep lips soft supple and kissable (Smooch!)

The first step is to exfoliate your lips using a lip scrub. I like This sugar scrub by LUSH because if you get a little in your mouth, no worries, its just sugar! It also tastes like bubblegum! LUSH makes this in other flavors too. 

To use this just put a little on your finger and work it into your lips. Either wash or lick off! I like to use it right before I wash my face. You can also use white sugar from your kitchen and it will have the same effect.

After your lips are nice and soft finish with your favorite lip balm. I like this balm by Kiehl's because it comes in a tube (no need to get your fingers dirty) and it is a very soft formula so it absorbs into your lips well. Another great product is the lip balm in the white container by Dior. It is a thicker formula and gives a nice protective layer to the lips. I am currently out of that one :-(

And Ta-Da! Beautiful lips for the winter and all seasons.