Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Should I or Shouldn't I Wonder Woman?

Do you need to jump on the Wonder Woman bandwagon? You are still thinking about it so chances are you have gone to the website a couple of times. You put items in your cart, regained self-control, and put all of them back.  You may have even gone to the MAC counter itself and played with the products without purchasing anything. Well if you are asking yourself that question you have already held out this long, you can make it through.

Really though, this collection is nothing to wet yourself over. I myself am the person that has revisited the website, watched the reviews, and read the blogs. This collection is NOT WORTH IT!

I will speak to the one product from the collection I own but even this I assure you is not worth running out to purchase. (It’s a lipstick so I’m killing to birds with one stone with this post).

Marquise D’ is a peachy pink nude with a gold simmer. In the photos below I am wearing naked lip liner as a base. The packaging is pretty darn cute though.

Deep down in my heart of hearts I’m waiting for venomous villains to come back. What I wouldn’t do for another Innocence beware! and Toxic Tale lipstick. Venomous villains kicked Wonder Woman’s mighty butt! 

Ok enough with my ranting. Have a splendid afternoon!

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