Thursday, March 24, 2011

Jemma Kid Tip 2: Highlight Brow Bone, Cupid's Bow, and Foundation- Makeu...

Next up in the series of videos demonstrating Jemma Kidd's ultimate beauty tips is #2:

Highlighter is a useful took for creating illusions. Dab a creamy highlighter underneath the arch of the brow to lift the brow and make the eyes look wider. Add a touch above the cupid's bow to make the lips appear fuller. You can also mix a little highlighter with your foundation to give a skin an all-over luminosity.

I've been working overtime with this L'Oreal presentation because the national competition is in a few weeks. I really want to post what we have come up with but I can't because its top secret until its presented... You never know if the competition is reading this!


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