Sunday, March 13, 2011

Inglot: Now Online!

I've raved about Inglot before and I finally am posting pictures of the palette I purchased back in February (on Valentines day!) One thing I love about Inglot is the Freedom System which is basically where you get to choose your own colors in a palette. The one pictured here was $50 and includes 10 shadows 
For a size comparison, this is the palette next to a full sized primer potion. 

These shadows are stunningly pigmented and come in a huge verity of colors and finishes. I love that they have matte shadows that have a glitter. Many companies will make metallic or shimmery colors but Inglot's are unique. I went with a mix of bold matte and smokey glitter shades. 

and now you can order Inglot online! The color swatches are not that great so search around the internet to see if there are better swatches by bloggers. I know has some great ones. Here is the link to order online

The prices for the freedom palettes are a little bit more expensive online than if you go to the store but the nice thing is you can buy they shadow alone so if you have a z palette or an old Inglot palette to refill, you can do that and it ends up being less expensive than buying the new palette even at the discounted price I payed. The shadows get less expensive the more you buy. I hope you get a chance to try them out before they raise the prices in May so check out the website and stop by the store in Times Square! 


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  1. can you name please the shades?i'm interested especially in the first 4 from the second row.(the blues) tnxxx