Thursday, March 3, 2011

The 212 Call That Changed Everything

At exactly 11:42 AM this morning I received a call from a 212 number. The New York area code popping up in the middle of The Secret Garden (my non educational reading of the moment) on Kindle for iPhone startled me and I quickly answered.  On the other line was a L’Oreal recruiter for the consumer products division, Cecilia. The follow up phone call is always the worst… did I or didn’t get the offer? Ladies and gentleman I am ecstatic to announce I will be joining L’Oreal this summer.

No more banking interviews where I would be making more than my dad but have no life. No more missing classes for companies I’m not interested in. The nonsense is over! I keep thinking about the L’Oreal Store at the bottom of the office building where you can spend $300 a month on discounted L’Oreal products. This is going to be dangerous!

This is sort of emotional to blog about because it is what I had wanted since when I started this whole thing. This is truly documenting my quest into the industry and I feel as though this is my official welcome into it. Just about a year ago I was starting this blog in hopes of documenting my journey and gushing about my favorite topic, makeup, along the way. It is without a doubt the most thrilling thing to have fulfilled a dream and reached a goal.
I do not have all the details yet as far as when I start and what brand I will be working under but as soon as I receive the official offer letter I will pass along the details.

Please stick to your dreams and pursue your passion because it might just be enough to get you where you want to be. Alright Kelsey… reality check… this is not an Oscar acceptance speech. (I low key was about to start thanking my mother for her support! (thanks)) Lets not get carried away with too much sappiness. I’m thrilled and look forward to setting further goals to advance my blossoming career.

Much happiness and love,

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  1. Congratulations KELSEY!!!!!! Renee