Saturday, March 5, 2011


I'm in love with the spring collection by Chanel, Les Perles de Chanel or in english... the pearls of Chanel. They launched this really fashionable website Chanel Makeup Confidential that has behind the scenes video of the runway show's makeup, tutorials using the latest products from the spring 2011 collection, and links to purchase the products. Chanel is a little out of this girls price range so I was inspired to recreate the look that was highlighted in the "How to do the new season face" by makeup artist Lisa Eldridge. (A video she did was featured in my blog post about date night makeup.)
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They have this super cute screen saver that you can download here Chanel Screen Saver Download

Whats also great about this recreation is that it uses loose pigments which is a product I sometimes struggle with. I know they can really be applied to anything but I sometimes just get stuck in an eye shadow rut. This is a new way to use the pigment by mixing it with a cream color base to get the look of the Chanel spring collection. Have a look!

(This video is not a tutorial for the eye look, just how to create the product dupe. If you want me to create this in a tutorial let me know in the comments.)

Have a happy Saturday!

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