Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Importance of lipliner....

I have to admit. Rarely will I apply lipliner unless it is for the perfect crisp edge. And honestly, I promise you most of the time you won't need it. There are a few times however, where you need to use a liner or risk bleeding and ironically, it happens most with dark colors such as RED
Red Lipstick Without Liner

This picture was taken about 2/2.5 hours after I applied it in the morning. There was no eating or drinking involved, just sitting in class and look what happened. Obviously different formulas will be more prone to bleeding than others. This happens to be a color from Maybelline NY E190 Royal Red. To be honest, this color didn't look great on me anyway so I'm not terribly upset but its still a bummer... You can always use these colors as accents or with a lipliner to avoid the bleeding. I have used it a couple time just in the center of the lip on friends in the center with a dark red (most of the time dark deed by MAC) as the main color. 

I don't have a favorite lipliner to talk about here but I have seen some pretty great ones at the drugstore from REVLON. I had an amazing one but I lost it way back to go with my Certainly Red by Revlon (my all time favorite red!)

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