Sunday, March 6, 2011

Goodies for a Good Friend

What have you done with a friend lately? On Thursday my friend from back home came to visit me at school. She is doing a domestic exchange/internship program this semester in DC working at one of the Smithsonian art museums. This girl is truly the personification of class. 

I think we were both in our own slices of heaven that night because we went through my entire makeup collection and I let her take home a makeup bag full of treasures. Anna headed back to Butler University this weekend for some sort of formal and she wanted a fresh new collection of makeup to play with while she was getting all dolled up for the party (I think its a formal dance of sorts...).

Here is what she ended up taking with her:
All of Anna's goodies

(Clockwise from Top) Lash Glue, EcoTools travel brushes, Urban Decay Primer Potion, Sephora Brand moss eye liner, Two faced lip injection extreme, 

(Top to Bottom) Sephora Glamorous Lipstick in G03, Viva La Juicy Perfume roll on, MAC Vegas Volt Lipstick, Lorac lipstick 
 Anna is extremely fare and I was surprised at how stunning the orange lipsticks I blogged about last week looked on her. She also looked lovely in red after it was all blotted off and just the stain remained.
Lancome Palette
 My favorite color in this palette is Filigree, the middle color on the right. Its a BEAUTIFUL soft gold and you can't really tell from the picture but it is the perfect highlight color. In fact, Filigree was my first luxury brand purchase from my mom back when I was maybe 11. We went to the counter together and the sales lady helped me to pick out a color that was so soft and pretty that it wouldn't over power an 11 year old. I still have the very last crumbs of that first filigree so I'm very glad to get a replacement in this palette... but I digress...
Urban Decay Smoke Out Palette & Gold Eyeliner 
Sometimes I feel like I have so much make up that I don't get enough days in the year to use it all thats why I have no problem lending it out (to the delight of many of my girl friends!). Hope you enjoy your stash Anna!


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