Monday, February 20, 2012

Simple Room Elements to Smile About

Fresh flowers bring life (literally) to a room
There are simple things that I like to keep around me to make me feel calm, to inspire my dreams and to make my day better. I thought I would share a few of them with you today as I will be spending the entire day in my dorm room preparing for tomorrow's marketing planning and strategy exam. 

 Even if they are from the grocery store and I bought them for myself, I always keep a vase of fresh flowers in my room. If I have the opportunity to splurge I also keep a vase full in my bathroom but that is not a healthy environment for them with all the steam and temperature changes. Last night I picked up these white tulips from the organic market. I love how they are so elegant and it reminds me of when I was younger my dad and I would plant bulb after bulb in our back yard of different types of tulips.

Perfume collection & Grandparent's wedding photo
This area is special to me because it is where I keep the picture of my grandparents on their wedding day. I remember when my grandfather passed away my grandma asked that when she dies, we burry her in this wedding dress because she wanted her husband to meet her in heaven wearing the dress she wore when they committed their love to each other on earth. This photo is a reminder to me that love exists that transcends time and space.  

Painting of DC Cherry Blossoms
One of my favorite perks about living in Washington, DC is I get to be surrounded by beautiful pink blossoms every spring. They invade the city with their bright petals and the iconic festival in their honor. I found the painting at Eastern Market, an outdoor farmers market/art fair, in one of DC's historic districts overlooking the capital. After falling in love with it I went back the next week and purchased it from the artist. It depicts everything I love about spring in Washington and it was my first real art purchase. I keep it over my bed as a bright way to wake up every morning. 

I hope you are able to identify something around you today that makes you smile and is an investment in your happiness. 

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