Sunday, February 19, 2012

LUSH Toothy Tabs

If you watched my recent LUSH haul a few posts ago you may have noticed I brought home with me Sparkle Toothy Tabs. Now these are supposed to be an alternative to traditional tooth paste and (Bonus!) they are eco-friendly because all of the packaging is made out of paper and there are no chemical ingredients. Pretty cool huh!?
I thought I would test these out and give you the play-by-play of my experience in case you were curious or interested in picking some toothy tabs up next time you head to LUSH. 

Toothy tabs come in a couple of different flavors including breath of god, ultrablast, and atomic but I was drawn to sparkle because it is supposed to be a whitening tab. 
The label reads:
"If you want your pearly whites to stop and dazzle people in the street, brush with a Sparkle-our lemon, grapefruit and black pepper tooth cleansing tab"

Yes you read correctly- lemon, grapefruit and BLACK PEPPER! To be honest, when I tried these, the black pepper was the dominant flavor. Not in a bad way, but it overpowered the lemon and grapefruit.

 Step 1: Place one tab between your front teeth and nibble to break up

Step 2: Wet your toothbrush and brush. The toothy tab will begin to foam.
Step 3: Rinse your mouth well and spit out (Do people forget to do that when they brush their teeth?)
Step 4: Give yourself a big cheesy grin in the mirror 
Overall I would give this product a "Try It" recommendation. They do leave your mouth feeling clean and your teeth shiny but I can't get over the black pepper taste. I think I would go with a more traditional mint flavor next time. Cool product ideal. 


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