Sunday, February 5, 2012

Glitter Ombre Nail Tutorial

Glitter is one of those things that makes a girl smile. I especially have been drawn in, like a lightning bug to a flame, to some of the glitter nail polishes that have been on the market this season. What better way to have a little bling when you don't have a ring?

I saw an ombre nail look on one of my favorite bloggers and I was instantly in love. It is such a modern, fresh way to wear glitter without looking childish. I recreated the glitter ombre manicure using a baby pink base and a hot pink glitter.

Please don't mind the pink hair brush in the background!

For this look I used an OPI shade for the base. The glitter polish was from Material Girl (Madonna's daughter's line) in the shade Wild Flower. This look is super easy to recreate and requires no special skills or tools.

Step 1: Paint nails with a solid base color. I used two coats to get the baby pink to be as opaque as I wanted.
Step 2: Using the glitter polish, wipe off the majority of the brush and apply in downward sweeping motions to the top 1/2 of each nail.
Step 3: Using the glitter polish, load up the brush and apply a second thick coat to the top 1/4 of each nail.
Step 4: Finish with a top coat.

Check out the video tutorial:

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