Friday, February 24, 2012

LUSH Fresh Face Mask: Love Lettuce

By now I'm sure you already know I'm mildly obsessed with LUSH, the homemade bath and beauty products company. One of my many obsessions is the LUSH fresh face mask, which come in a slew of "flavors". I usually pick up the honey face mask but two weeks ago when I went to the LUSH store, they were all out! It was the perfect opportunity to try some of the other masks that I usually pass up, so I took home Love Lettuce. (Unfortunately they are not available online at because they are so fresh, they would not last through shipping.)
Packaging-Love Lettuce Fresh Face Mask
You know the mask is fresh because you have to keep it refrigerated once you get it home and it expires after only 2 weeks. One jar usually yields 4 applications.

 Love Lettuce is a hydrating mask and has ground almonds to help exfoliate your skin after it has dried. I like to take a wash cloth with cold water and message the mask off. It works like a charm!
Love Lettuce-Texture 
The fun thing about this mask is its color. Its the iconic green mask that all the rich women wear in movies when they scare the children. I tried to make a scarier face but I have to tell ya, its HARD to move your face when its stuck in place with a dried mask!
Before (semi-scary!)
And here is the finished product! Here I am without makeup having just washed off the mask. I feel like the skin glows after and if only you could feel the baby bottom-ness of my cheeks. I really would recommend you try any of the LUSH fresh face masks out if you get a chance. 
From my Fresh Face to yours,

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