Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Eye Tattoo

Every year around this time I start playing with a beauty trend that is a little out there or a little different. Last year if you remember I was rocking feather extensions in my hair. This year I'm addicted to this "eye tattoo" made out of eyeliner. 
I was inspired to do these little dots from one of my favorite makeup artists Kandee Johnson who draws little dots to extend her eyebrows. Its kind of a nice way to add a little edge to your look. I personally love wear really girly accessories like flower earrings or link lipstick with these dots to have mix of hard/soft.
These dots were made with liquid eyeliner. I tried it with some of the felt tip pen liners that have come out recently with Bobbi Brown and Maybelline but I have to say I get the best dots with my old tried and true L'Oreal Paris liquid liner. It has a felt tip but the tip is flat rather than pointed. This makes applying "dots" effortless. 
Its funny because they really do look like tattoos when your done. I was at work (Macy's cosmetic department) and customers were coming up to my manager asking if I had gotten a tattoo on my face! One older woman even said "she had such a pretty face but why would you ever get a tattoo to ruin it." My manager just laughed and reassured her that it was not a tattoo but instead eyeliner. She seemed very relieved. 

What makeup trend have you been rocking lately? Is there something edgy that you have been wanted to try? The best part about makeup... It all comes off at the end of the day. Try something edgy today!


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