Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Capital Area Blogger Event: Networking, Floral Arranging & Sangrias

I recently joined an organization called CapFABB which stands for Capital Area Fashion and Beauty Bloggers In a nutshell its a network for all fashion and beauty bloggers in the Washington DC area. Last night CapFABB hosted an networking event for its members to celebrate their 1-year anniversary and yours truly was in attendance! I thought I would bring you along to the event...
Me modeling the corsage H Bloom made me
The event was sponsored by H.Bloom a floral delivery company in major cities across the country including DC, NY, Chicago and San Francisco. I will totally do a plug for this company because I think its the coolest idea since liquid lipstick. Not only does this company offer weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly flower subscriptions; you can also choose what style of arrangement you like and they have floral designers come up with the perfect arrangement for you. The best part is that its super affordable-subscriptions start at $29! What a cute idea for a gift that keeps on giving.

The "Bloom Bar"  
H.Bloom constructed a "Bloom Bar" at the CapFABB meet up where H.Bloom floral specialists assisted bloggers in making their own corsages, flower necklaces, fascinators and headbands. I still have superglue on my fingers as I type this! 

Tony- the amazing floral specialist who helped me- gave me some tips to help keep your flowers blooming longer. 
  1. If your cut flowers are from bulbs (ie tulips) add a few pennies to the bottom of the vase of water and it will help them stay fresh and in bloom for longer. 
  2. If the flowers you buy don't come with the little packet of flower food you can make your own. All you have to do is mix together...
    • Water
    • Table Sugar
    • 7-Up Soda
    • Bleach (just a little bit)
Guests stocking up on flowers as the night wraps up
It was awesome meeting some really driven bloggers last night and I can't wait to meet more of you at upcoming events!

Off to take another exam, this time in sports marketing... wish me luck!

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