Wednesday, April 27, 2011

MAC Fashion Flower Launch Online Today (In Store Tomorrow)

I'm trying to save money for New York so I decided not to get anything from the Fashion Flower collection from MAC but lets do some hypothetical shopping together shall we?! This is my wish list for the products of Fashion Flower. If you are looking for a super detailed review with swatches, head over to Temptalia's blog

So lets get started! The collection includes 6 eye shadows and of those I had my eye on Lucky Green
MAC Lucky Green Eyeshadow
The collection comes with a black mascara and a pen ultimate liquid liner but I would easily pass on both of those. I have never been impressed with MAC mascaras.
Of the 4 lipsticks that came out with Fashion Flower, I would pick up 3...  starting with the nude (can you at least pretend to be surprised please!)
MAC Growing Trend Lipstick

MAC Growing Trend Lipstick
The next color I would choose is the peppy coral called Ever Hip
MAC Ever Hip Lipstick

MAC Ever Hip Lipstick
The last lipstick I'm craving is called Mlle and I'm up in the air on this. Its such a weird looking color that it keeps me interested... Its a sibling of the other pepto-bismol pinks that I love so much. Check it out.
MAC Mlle Lipstick

MAC Mlle Lipstick
Finally, I would skip right over the lip glosses and head for the beauty powders. I might have to break down and actually pick these up on my way back from work Friday but I want to compare them to things I already have in my collection before I make that $25 commitment.
MAC Light Sunshine Beauty Powder

MAC Alpha Girl Beauty Powder
So I hope you liked my picks for the MAC Fashion Flower Collection. All pictures are property of 


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  1. i got alpha girl and growing trend lippy, pleased with both, thought the lippy would be too brown but its fine.x