Sunday, April 10, 2011

L'Oreal Brandstorm 2011 National Finals

This Friday was the L'Oreal Brandstorm Finals which I have been working towards for months! Look at how good the team looks. We all had these edgy black dresses with a flower in our hair. 

I must say that although we did not walk away first place winners, we did come in second beating out some really impressive schools. Shout out to NYU with their ipad application (fully functioning!) and BYU for taking home 1st and representing USA in the international finals this June. 

Dr. Meyers, the Howard advisor, helped us night and day to perfect the presentation and I have to say, if there were an aware for best support system, she would have received it for sure. 
This is us all mic-ed up waiting to go on stage. Our dresses were so tight the sound guy couldn't find a place to put our battery packs lol. So much nervous and exciting energy!
We came out clapping and getting the audience hyped up. I really was tapping into my Cheerleading days for this. 

You can kind of see the judges in this one. They are the 4 people in the front row. (only two are pictured here). The judges were all very senior executives and business owners from L'Oreal and an elite salon in the city.
We each had our turn to speak to the part of the presentation. This is me getting into the salon experience. You can see the board behind me with our virtual mock up. There was a projector and powerpoint over to the right. 
Finally, the judges asked us questions and we were all smiles (so much so that our faces hurt!) as we answered each question to a T. 

Although we did not win, at the end of the day two really great things came out of this experience. First, I landed myself an amazing internship with L'Oreal in their consumer products division and was able to put in preference for Maybelline or L'Oreal Paris which are both extremely well known and competitive cosmetic/makeup brands. Second, we secured another year of recruitment at Howard University. Hopefully, next year HU will take home first place and represent the US in Paris. 

And as for me! I'm the real winner because I am doing what I love and can't wait to start at L'Oreal May 23, 2011! 


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