Tuesday, April 5, 2011

LUSH Emotibomb: Dorm Room Spa

I never really feel that the dorm room shower can ever be clean enough. I bleach and clean it often but there is something about the fact that countless dirty college students once used the tub that I am supposed to be able to pamper myself in gives me the chills. Bath bombs are out of the question along with bubble baths. So whats left?
Let me introduce you to the LUSH Emotibomb. This is basically a bath bomb for the shower. It works the best when you close the door, leave the fan off and turn the water on hot! I like to break it in half and put it in the back of the tub where the water is not directly coming down on it but rather it is slowly melting away and letting the delicious fragrance fill the bathroom with the steam of the shower.

Emotibombs come in three fragrances. Sex in the Shower is Jasmine scented, Too Drunk is Peppermint and Fennel scented (to help you get over a hang over!), and Up You Gets is Citrus scented.

All three are $4.50 each and will last you two showers if you break them in half. Store them in a dry area away from any water. You can purchase them online here http://www.lushusa.com/shop/products/bath/emotibombs/

I hope you enjoyed this review of the LUSH Emotibomb and give it a try to create your very own spa steam shower.


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