Monday, April 25, 2011

Duo Lash Glue and Individual Lashes

After I recorded the haul video I wanted to test out how well the Duo eyelash adhesive worked on individual lashes. I have to say, it works quite well. I applied them in the outer corners and bottom corner. I then applied mascara to both the false and the natural lashes to help blend them together. I am really liking this look and I foresee myself using it every day.

The downside is that I loose some of the lashes throughout the day and during removal so I will need to have a backup stash down the road. Definitely remove with an eye makeup remover and peal off any remaining glue before putting them back in their case for storage. I'm feeling a little Audrey at the moment with these big eyes lol.... Speaking of which.... I can't wait to get "for Audrey" nail polish in the mail this week, The color is exactly Tiffany Blue.
This isn't my hand but look at that color! I love it. I think my new nail staple will be For Audrey on the toes and ballet slippers on my fingers. How much girliness can one handle?!


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