Sunday, February 27, 2011

Orange You Glad I Blogged About Orange Lipstick!?

I'm not going to count this as my lipstick of the day because I love this color so much that I want to wear it again out but technically, this is the color I'm wearing today. I really came upon this color by accident. Darian, yet again reminding me of the ridiculous amount of lipstick I own old me to branch out which I happily did with the latest color for spring. Orange.

I am wearing MAC Vegas Volt and it is a stunning coral orange. 

I love that this color is super opaque and has a coral undertone so its much more wearable than many of the bright oranges that are also being worn on the runways. To prove it to you here are a couple of the most recent makeup looks from the runways of fashion week.

Orange can go from almost red to practically traffic control. Personally, the hunter orange is a little tricky to pull off because it really dominates the face. I would select one with a more coral undertone. I did the research for you and I'm here to battle between my two favorites. Both are wearable and accessible so if you want to chase after this trend, do it with either of these:

MAC Vegas Volt Vs. Sephora Lip Attitude Glamour G03

MAC Vegas Volt

Sephora Lip Attitude in Glamour G03

Left Vegas Volt, Right Glamour 03

Round 1: Finish
Vegas Volt is an Amplified lipstick which means it has a rich creamy opaque texture. Its all about the color with this lipstick. Glamour 03 on the other hand is a much sheerer tone. I had to apply a couple of coats in order to get the color pay off I was looking for.
Winner-Vegas Volt

Round 2: Wearability 
Vegas Volt shouts from the roof tops "I am orange!" 
Glamour 03 gossips about being orange with her friends. 

Either way, people will know your wearing it. 
Winner-Glamour 03

Round 3: Price
Vegas Volt retails for $14.50 and is 0.1 us oz. You can purchase it online by clicking this link
Glamour 03 retails for $12.00 but I can't find how much product it comes with. By judging it with my eyes, I would guess it has slightly more than Vegas Volt. You can purchase it online here
Winner-Glamour 03

Bonus Round: Kelsey's Favorite
Vegas Volt
Glamour 03
Its hard to select a winner when they are so close as you can see but because I am a fan of the really bold finish of the Vegas Volt I have to say it gets my vote. On the other hand, my room mate Lydia (check her out in my red lip video for MOSIK Mag) had a violent reaction to it when I showed it to her this afternoon. She was all about the Glamour 03. But this is my bonus round not hers so...
Winner-Vegas Volt

Your a winner with either one so check them out and let me know if you have any orange favorites I should try out. 
Until next time,

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