Saturday, February 5, 2011

Lets Talk About Date Night Makeup

As much as I love going out on dates... and trust me I do... I have to admit I always fear the worst. For example, in my head, my date is not going to show up tonight for the dinner reservations he made. Lets hope that does NOT happen! 

The point of this post is... what the heck type of makeup do you wear on a first date?!

Think about what your favorite feature about your face is. What type of date is it? Is it during the evening or afternoon? For the purposes of this post let me explain my situation. 

We are going out to dinner to a chocolate bar downtown. I did my research and checked out the place online and it has a very sophisticated atmosphere and its on the pricier side (read high heels are a must). This is our first date and I have never actually met him in person, its basically a blind date. 

So what do you want to wear to an event like this? Focus on the eyes.

There will be drinks and chocolate involved so stay away from lipsticks and lip glosses that transfer. Instead go for a really soft brown smokey eye. Choosing a brown eye instead of black is more natural and also less intimidating. I would also suggest breaking out the false lashes. Here is my video about how to apply false lashes. Also, play up your bone structure with contour and highlight. The goal here is to look like you but a really gorgeous you. I will update with a couple photos of what I ended up doing. (And how the date went!)

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