Monday, February 7, 2011

Makeup Organization and Storage Solution

Organization is the key to life... and a kick ass makeup collection! I wanted to make this video for a long long long time and I re-recorded it at least twice as well. After watching several other beauty gurus shell out major $$ in the name of storage I wanted to share my picks for affordable organization that will grow with your collection.

The set of plastic drawers on wheels can be found at Target... in fact everything can be found at Target. I really like this set because it came with a combination of both small thin drawers and deep drawers. It cost $18 and you can also purchase additional sets of drawers to stack on top. Here is a link to order it online. 

The clear organizer on top was also from Target in the cosmetic department. It was $17. Here is the link for that. (actually, the link is of a less expensive bigger version. I wish I had seen it at the store)

Product Image Caboodles Clear Acrylic Beauty Bazaar

The drawer dividers were from the kitchen section of Target and came in packs of 2 large, 2 medium, and 4 small sections. I ended up getting two sets at $9 each. I also really like that they lock together they don't slide around if the drawer is slightly bigger. Click here to purchase online. (I couldn't find the one I purchased online but its pretty close.)

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