Sunday, February 6, 2011

Full Report on the Blind Date

So although this is a stretch to make this post beauty related I knew there may be one or two out there who wanted to know how this terrifying blind date went. It was everything I feared! No, worse! He showed up with another girl!

I'm kidding....

It was nothing like I feared. He was very charming and we stayed so long, the hostess had to kick us out (which was actually very rude considering we were only there from 8-10...). We went to this chocolate bar downtown DC called Coco Sala (I'll post a link to their website) and it was a chocolate lover's heaven. The cocktails were all chocolate themed and since I just turned 21 I ordered the "fetish" which was a chocolate strawberry drink. They have a fantastic desert menu and everything was delish! I would definitely suggest this place to anyone in DC looking to impress a girl.

Before going out I stumbled upon this makeup artist on YouTube and I am in love. Check out her video about a first date look. I am addicted to all of her videos and since she does work for Elle, Vogue, etc. the quality of the videos are fantastic.

Enjoy the superbowl today! (GO PACKERS!) I will be watching for the commercials.

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