Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Favorite Beauty Blogs

I started blogging because of the encouragement from a mentor that put it in perspective for me- "no one is going to hire you unless you show you want it and have done things in that pursuit." I also like to keep up with my favorite bloggers and I get inspired by their ideas and way they review products. In a very specific order... here are my top 4 bloggers.

Temptalia is the bible lets be honest. She has the most detailed and objective product reviews by far. There is a consistent 30 point rating of every product she reviews and her personal pros and cons about the product. She also receives most of the newest launches from tons of brands before they hit the market which allows you to get her "take it or leave it" advice before purchasing it yourself. This is especially useful for the expensive brands and products that come out because lets be real, some make up has to be seen as an investment, and you want to be sure your investing in the best thing. MAC and temptalia have an especially close relationship. Often times she will know what launches are coming up before anyone else does not to mention she reviews the products weeks before they launch online. Her photography is stunning and sharp and most importantly... the color swatches are true to life like no other site I've seen. It also has an extensive library of reviews with an average of 3 new posts a day. Every time I consider purchasing a new product I go to her site first to see if she reviewed it and what her thoughts were on it. She has less personality than the other bloggers listed here but has to be the most detailed. 

Kandee is my homegirl! lol not really but I wish she was. Kandee is like your best friend that you want to run and talk to about your crushes, what stresses you out, and the look you saw on your favorite celebrity. Don't come looking at this blog for product reviews though. It is a mix of what she has going on in her day and what inspires her in beauty. Once and a while she will talk about her favorite products but you won't find detailed reviews about the latest collection from MAC. She is totally honest and open with her readers letting you in on the joys of her pregnancy and the terror of almost getting her leg cut off when she ran into a glass door. Her positive outlook through it all is what makes me and the other 25,000 subscribers to her blog love her. Check out her youtube channel kandeejohnson.

Xsparkage is the alter ego of Leesha (Lisha? I apologize for spelling her name incorrectly). She is spunky, a hint alternative, but the most lovable self-proclaimed dork to ever do makeup. Her signature look is super bright colors and she is not afraid to experiment. She is actually the first YouTube guru that I ever watched and I am still a huge fan. She recently revamped her blog and it is a huge improvement. She has said in the past that she is a fan of Temptalia and you can see the inspiration she pulled from with her site. Her product reviews are shot and sweet and almost always have an accompanying video. What is unique about her blog is her guest bloggers. Once and a while she will have another blogger post a review about a product on her site which rocks because you get to see another guru's point of view. I would highly suggest subscribing to her YouTube channel.

Makeupandbeautyblog is described as beauty product reviews, makeup tips & news from your friendly neighborhood beauty addict. I found this blog after viewing her youtube channel and I have to say that the creator brings so much humor to her posts and videos that I can't help but fall in love. He product reviews are less objective than Temptalia and has a storytelling element to it interjecting the plot of how she came across the product and her enthusiasm for each new treasure. 

I hope this helps you navigate around the blogesphire. I am inspired by them daily and they help me stay abreast of trends and the latest products. They also make me smile :-) hopefully they will do the same for you. 


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