Sunday, February 20, 2011

Inglot and Lipstick of the Day

I've been in New York for the past couple of days and my favorite favorite cosmetics are located in Times Square... Inglot. I wish they had more stores accessible throughout the rest of the United States but unfortunately they don't. They are expanding this year though into LA, Chicago and one other one I think but I can't remember what the sales lady said. For now its just New York. Here is there web site...

The point... well I have 2 points.

  1. They are raising their prices in May so take advantage of it now if you can. Especially their freedom palettes. 
  2. I needed to get another lipstick because I had to keep up with this challenge and I ran out of colors while here. (This might have been a stretch but I feel like its justifiable because I got a color I didn't have before.)
These are the colors I bought yesterday:
The lipgloss is this awesome iridescent color in number 543. Right now before the price increase it retails for $15

This lipstick is in number 65 and it retails for $12. Its such a true purple that I knew I had to pick it up. 

The lighting is really poor in this picture but I'm wearing both right now and although its bold, its a lot of fun and has some spunk. 

Tomorrow I return to DC so back to my old lipstick stash. I'll try to film a video or two this week. I feel out of the loop. 

Until next time,

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