Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bloggy Makeover

For my loyal 4 followers this may come as a surprise but I am giving my blog a makeover. Yes it is well overdue. If you can recall back when I had the original green polka-dot, it was painfully obvious I was using a lame template that was offered on Earlier this week I revamped it and made it pink with stripes but I went one more step beyond that tonight and created this here header...
I just downloaded Photoshop's free 30 day trial on my laptop for my Marketing Communications class this afternoon, which I used to create this image. Getting Photoshop was like getting a package of makeup in the mail, I had to test it out and play with it. Unfortunately, its pretty expensive to purchase. Even with the student discount I'm still looking at shelling out $199. I'm going to take full advantage of the next 30 days to play with the program. If you want to download the trial yourself, click here. 

And since the blog is coming up on its one year anniversary, why not give it a makeover now? 

I hope this inspires you to go back to your blog, resolution, or hobby that you once committed to and give it makeover. Putting a little extra elbow grease and love could be just the trick to making whatever goal a reality. (Shout out to my mother who lost 6.5 pounds since she started her New Years fitness resolution. Now that is the type of dedication that I'm talking about! Yay Ellen!) 

I'll be back with an extra special post tomorrow that gets back to the root of why this blog is here in the first place... to land me a gig in the beauty industry. 

Much Love,

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