Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Urban Outfitters Sunglass Haul

 Last week I placed an order on UrbanOutfitters.com  for a pair of cat-eye sunglasses that I saw featured in a retro accessory article in OK magazine. I love urban outfitters because they have edgy, hip, and unique clothing, accessories and home goods. As I was about to check out I saw that if you order $50, you get free shipping... so back to the sunglass section I went and I continued shopping for some other affordable sunglasses I could take with me on my vacation to Miami (we leave this weekend)!
 I ended up picking up 3 pairs that totaled $50 (Yes! Free shipping!). 
 This vintage inspired metal tipped cat-eye was the pair I had originally went online to buy. Can you believe they were only $16? I love when the thing you fall in love with is super affordable to boot. You can pick them up here.
 I have always loved oversized glasses and big dark frames are right up my ally. My past two pairs ended up breaking in my purse because I never used a glasses case to protect them. I am much smarter and much wiser now. These bad boys were only $18.
The last pair I picked up was this modified cat eye with this sort of lace like detail on the top. Its actually my favorite of the three. I could see myself wearing these with so many outfits and no one else having the same pair of sunglasses. Do you think these will leave a funny lace tan line on my face?! I'll report back and let you know. 

Pulling on my cowboy boots, packing up my leopard print tote, and adjusting my cat eye sunglasses... The only way that I wear animals HAHA!

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