Saturday, March 17, 2012

Maybelline Spring Launch: I Named These Colors!

While I was in Miami for spring break (I just got back this morning) I stopped into Walgreens and look what I saw... the Maybelline spring fashion week display. 
Why is this display so special to me? Well if you look closely on the top row you will see five eye shadows called color pearls. What you can't see here but you can see if you pick up the product is that each shadow duo as a fashionista floral name and yours truly worked on creating each name over the summer. It was honestly one of my favorite tasks while interning. I even helped with some of the lipstick names too!
My favorite names in the collection: 
  • Lilac Lolita
  • Clover Couture 
  • Va Va Violet 
  • Strike a Posey 
It is extremely rewarding to see the end result of something you put your mind to. Seeing this was a huge push to keep chasing my dream of working in the beauty industry. With graduation fast approaching I can't wait to see what life has in store!


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  1. congratulations! This is awesome!!!!