Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Quotes From Estee A Success Story

I recently started reading a new book after finishing One Fifth Avenue over spring break. This month's non-school related book is Estee: A Success Story written by Estee Lauder. 

I picked up this gem while thrift store hunting back in December with my mother. It cost me a whole $1.50 but the pearls of wisdom I have gleaned from the first chapter are priceless. I actually find the author, Estee Lauder herself, to be incredibly shallow and cocky but in an endearing way. I find myself enjoying her blatant confidence and conviction.

Here is a quote I particularly love:
Beauty is the best incentive to self-respect. You may have great inner resources, but they don't show up as confidence when you don't feel pretty. People are more apt to believe you and like you when you you know you look fine. And when the world approves, self-respect is just a little easier. The pursuit of beauty is honorable.

I'm just a few chapters into it but I would already recommend it to beauty and business students alike. 

Back to reality! Its time to start writing that personal selling assignment due tomorrow. 

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