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Tom Ford Private Label Lipstick in Vanilla Suede

Tom Ford Private Label Lipstick in Vanilla Suede
Tom Ford is an American designer most well known for his sophisticated red carpet tuxedos. Tom Ford embodies sexy masculinity that is universally appealing which is most notable in his line of fragrances that are all (but one) unisex (several tend to identify more feminine or masculine). The designer's departure into lipstick has been well received and he has since won Allure awards for best luxury lipstick . See full article HERE. 

Now I am a lipstick junkie and since I finally received a couple of my paychecks, I decided to splurge just a little bit and head over to Bergdof Goodman, one of the few places in the city where you can play around with the colors before you purchase. Let me do a quick rave about the Bergdof beauty department... never before have you seen so much luxury at once. At Berfdof Goodman, the "low-end" makeup counters include Lancome and Este Lauder while the highest end cosmetic counters include Tom Ford, Guerlain, and Claude de Pau Beaute. I love the selection, quality, and knowledge of the beauty advisors. I could have long conversations at every single counter and I practically did at Tom Ford yesterday so much so that we exchanged business cards to keep in touch.

But back to the Lipstick.

For dramatic effect!
The range comes in 12 shades: 4 nudes, 4 brights, and 4 reds. I, being obsessed with what I call corpusy-nudes (because they are so pale they make you look dead), gravitated to the lightest shade Vanilla Suede. This shade is a very shimmery pale nude with a hint of peach. I tend to own more matte or satin finish nudes so this is my first with a shimmer. 

Formulated with rare and exotic ingredients including soja seed extract, Brazilian murumuru butter and chamomilla flower oil, the luxurious formula has an ultra-creamy texture for an incredibly smooth application. Specially treated color pigments are blended to deliver pure color with just the right balance of luminosity. 

Side note: You can feel the shimmer in the formula when on your lips but its not annoying. What IS slightly annoying is how expensive this lipstick is, but I knew that going into it that it would set me back $50 after tax! The lipstick itself retails for $45 which is just slightly less expensive than the Guerlain Rouge G series (the one with the mirror). 

I can say that Tom Ford put all the expenses in the packaging at it is done beautifully. It is, to me the best looking lipstick on the market with its gold hefty case and while enamel panels. Its so heavy that you could use it easily as a weapon if it came to that! 

Overview: The product is lovely but the real wow-factor is in the packaging. At $45 a pop, choose the color you will wear most often and relish in the joy of applying. 

If you get a chance, stop by Bergdof Goodman and take a look at the range of Tom Ford lipsticks. PSSST! Come September Tom Ford will be launching a complete cosmetic range so look out for that too.  


Vanilla Suede with a smokey eye look

Kelsey, College Cosmetic/Intern/Makeup Junkie/Increasingly broke college student especially after this purchase lol

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