Thursday, June 16, 2011

Great Lash Big Review

Maybe she's born with it... Maybe its Maybelline Great Lash Big Mascara!
Great Lash Big is the second of the 6 mascaras that I will be reviewing from the beauty closet. Great Lash Big has the same formula as the original however the brush is super sized! Take a look at the difference on this baby. I guess I am so used to jumbo volumizing brushes already that I did not realize how big it was until I compared it to the original.

It must be 3 times the size!

This product is supposed to give wearable volume and act as a stepping stone into volumizing mascaras for those that have been great lash users for years. I think it is also an attempt to bring more relevance to the Great Lash brand by keeping it current and new.... which is actually pretty smart when you think about it.

The formula is super gentile which I always liked about Great Lash. I got a bunch in my eye while applying it and it did not sting at all. A con about this formula however is that it is very wet and takes a long time to dry. Because of this, I ended up with lots of black dots all over my lower lashes and on my brow bone.... NOT Cute... but not the end of the world. 

What turned me off about this product at the end of the day is that as I sweat to death shoveling dirt in Brooklyn (more on that later) it left me with black raccoon eyes. 

  • Length 7/10
  • Volume 8/10
  • Curl Hold 7/10
  • Flake-Resistant 6/10
  • Wow-Factor 7/10
  • Overall Score  70/100


The Original Great Lash does not give volume so I was skeptical that changing the brush would make that big of a difference. I expected less from this mascara and it delivered way beyond my expectations although I can't say that I prefer it to any of the other mascaras I've tried this week. 

With Great Lash Big


With Great Lash Big

With Great Lash Big


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