Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Maybelline Falsies Mascara Review

Maybe she's born with it... Maybe its Maybelline Falsies Mascara!
Falsies is the first of the 6 mascaras that I will be reviewing from the beauty closet. So many people in the office rave about how much they love falsies and how it is the best so I had high hopes for this mega volume booster from the beginning. 

Interesting Fact: Falsies is #1 among fiery Latinas 

The product is in the Volume Express line and is supposed to give that false lash effect. Its special secret is its scooped brush that allows you to start at the roots and work up the lashes for a beautiful full flared effect. 

One thing I noticed that was strange was how quickly it dried. This is a pro because you do not have to worry about wet lash marks on your eyelids but a con because the faster it dries, the less time you have to build it up. Moral of the review? Work QUICKLY!

  • Length 8/10
  • Volume 8/10
  • Curl Hold 9/10
  • Flake-Resistant 9/10
  • Wow-Factor 8/10
  • Overall Score  92/100


Although I loved the effect of this mascara, Doreen-the lash goddess, did not complement my lashes today meaning that they were not dramatic enough to catch her attention which lost it points on wow-factor. 

Lashes with Maybelline Falsies

Lashes with Maybelline Falsies 

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