Tuesday, October 25, 2011

3 On-The-Go Makeup Essentials

There three items that I keep with me in my school tote at all times. I have gym class every morning so when I run to a real class directly after I want to have just a few items to touch up and help me look presentable. These three products are super east to apply without a mirror and can be found at the drug store so no need to worry if you loose it or it gets banged up with your stash of pens and pennies. 

1. A Good Mascara: This one is actually a free-be I got from L'Oreal but in general choose a mascara that volumizes because it will help define your lashes more and than a lengthening mascara. TIP: Choose one that has a traditional brush because they are easier to maneuver without a mirror than some of the more "innovative" brush shapes.

2. Under Eye Concealer: I love the Anti-Dark Circle eye roller from Garnier. It has caffeine in the formula to help reduce puffiness and is tinted to conceal. You can layer several coats of it without it looking cakey. The only downside with this product is that it only comes in one color so its not so good for the darker skin ladies.

3. Tinted Lip Balm: I am in love with this Nivea touch of shimmer lip balm. It adds a beautiful soft pink frost effect to the lips without looking overly done. Burt's Bees make a bigger range of tinted lip balms that are also pretty great.

These 3 products are the only things you need to freshen up quickly if your running late or if your ending a workout. All super accessible and all super easy to use. No brushes required!

And I'm back to paying attention to class. We are talking about weather men and how they don't actually point at real maps haha. Who knew!?


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  1. i love this post, thank you! Your photos and advice are awesome, very well done :)