Thursday, October 20, 2011

Revlon Touch of Mauve Manicure

I have an interview tomorrow with two non-beauty related companies so I thought I would give myself a fresh manicure to add a little polish (haha pun intended)! 

Tonight I used a Revlon polish in 100 Touch of Mauve, which is really more of a dusty rose pink. I thought it was professional enough because it was a semi-neutral but still feminine. I even painted a little "good luck" heart on the thumb. What I love about all of the Revlon polishes I have used is that they are super opaque with one coat. They are also readily available and affordable. 

Once my fingers were complete I felt like going a little more glitzy on my toes... WARNING! Feet picture ahead!

I used a nail art pen I got from the beauty supply store to create the lattice design. Clearly not interview appropriate but hey! no one will see my toes in my 5" pumps.   

Lastly I just wanted to post this because I found it in my camera as I was uploading these nail pictures. Let me introduce you to my sister Naomi. 

This was taken in my dorm room over the summer in Brooklyn. My sister has a mohawk and we wanted to do a little feminine twist on the spiky traditional rocker look. She totally isn't a rocker though so we curled her hair and put in a bandana like an old fashion housewife! 

Off to finish my project for GAP. I'm creating a pretend business to add to their brand portfolios. 


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