Sunday, October 2, 2011

Nail Trend: Beige for Fall

You can find it in the drug store, in your nail salon and in the department store. What is it you ask? Beige nail polish (or nail lacquer if your being fancy). 

When there is a little downtime at Macy's (my part-time gig) I browse the new launches from all the cosmetic lines and I had to do a double take when I came across Oyster Shell nail lacquer from MAC.  This polish is a little pricy at $15. You can purchase it online here
If your thinking "Hummm that looks familiar" your right.

Loads of brands have been coming out with this beige color this fall. Magazines call it mannequin hands. I have to admit. I do find it to be rather fresh and a great neutral to add to your collection. 
OPI's version of the mannequin hand is with Skull and Glossbones (I love OPI names!). My co-worker was wearing Skull and Glossbones yesterday and while I painted my fingers with MAC's Oyster Shell and they are almost identical. In fact, she ended up buying Oyster Shell to touch up her manicure. 

If your looking for a drug store brand, Essie has you covered. Its fall collection "Brand New Bag" features a slightly warmer brown tone called Case Study. This little bottle will set you back around $8.

What do you think about mannequin hands? Will you be trying it out this fall? I know I will!


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