Monday, November 21, 2011

Johnson and Johnson Job?! Not for Me

I am disappointed to write that I did not receive an offer to join the Neutrogena team at Johnson and Johnson after graduation. After waiting to hear back for two and half weeks the email finally came today that said sorry but no. 

One thing that helped lessen the blow was that at the same time I received an offer to join Ford as a marketing consultant. This would allow me to travel 4 days a week and meet with many interesting individuals. Although it is not where my passion lies in beauty, I am thankful that an opportunity has presented itself to me.

For those of you that have been discouraged or lost out on a job opportunity you really wanted remember that the company is looking for the individuals that will be best suited for the job that they are offering and you may have excelled better in another environment. Also, if you are interviewing with friends and classmates, as I did with many of my interviews, know that their success does not equal your failure and vice versa. Do not get angry with them for receiving an opportunity you wanted (although this can be difficult at first). Finally, its ok to be jealous. Jealousy shows us what we want and should be used to help motivate us. 

If I get to do nothing else today let me leave you with this:
"A smile is the perfect gift, personal and encouraging" 

I hope I was able to encourage you a little bit. Writing on the blog sometimes helps me to encourage myself. 

Wishing everyone the best success,

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